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Earrings "Leaves" Crystal White and 24K Gold Plated beads

Earrings "Leaves" Crystal White and 24K Gold Plated beads

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Exquisite and refined, our earrings are true works of art. They are crafted using Japanese beads, lending them a unique texture and shine. Beads coated with 24K gold add an elegant touch, while the 18K gold-plated brass hook clasps ensure comfortable wear.

The combination of golden beads and white beads resembling crystal imparts unparalleled charm to these earrings. Their astonishing ability to shimmer in the sunlight will accentuate your sophistication at any time of day. These earrings are the perfect complement to your evening outfit, infusing it with a touch of luxury and elegance.

Choose our earrings to add a distinctive radiance and allure to your style.

The price is for a pair.

- Hook clasps 18K gold plated brass
- Japanese glass beads
- Japanese beads 24K gold plated
- Nylon thread

- Hook clasps 21.5 mm * 19.8 mm
- Beaded earring 46 mm * 20 mm


Care Instructions for Jewelry

1. Avoid Water Contact: Jewelry should not be exposed to water. Try to remove them before showering, swimming in pools, or the sea.

2. Avoid Contact with Chemicals: Be cautious with cosmetics, perfumes, and chemicals as they can adversely affect the jewelry. It is recommended to wear jewelry after applying cosmetics and perfume.

3. Clean with Soft Cloth: Use a soft dry cloth to clean the jewelry.

4. Avoid Mechanical Damage: Do not allow the jewelry to fall or hit hard surfaces to prevent damage to jewelry.

5. Do Not Wear During Physical Activities: Remove jewelry before engaging in sports, physical work, or other activities to avoid damage.
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