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Necklace "Bow" Made of Natural Stone Zircon

Necklace "Bow" Made of Natural Stone Zircon

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Unique Necklace Made of Natural Zircon

Elevate your stylish elegance to a new level with this exquisite necklace made of natural zircon, which captivates with its refined beauty.

Bow Shape: This necklace is delicate bow shape, giving it a charming and feminine look.

This necklace is a versatile accessory that is suitable for everyday wear or special occasions. It will perfectly complement your outfit, emphasizing your femininity and sophistication.


- Chains 18K gold plated brass
- Natural Stone Zircon 2mm
- Beads 18K gold plated


- Necklace 370 mm + Chain 60 mm

Care Instructions for Jewelry

1. Avoid Water Contact: Jewelry should not be exposed to water. Try to remove them before showering, swimming in pools, or the sea.

2. Avoid Contact with Chemicals: Be cautious with cosmetics, perfumes, and chemicals as they can adversely affect the jewelry. It is recommended to wear jewelry after applying cosmetics and perfume.

3. Clean with Soft Cloth: Use a soft dry cloth to clean the jewelry.

4. Avoid Mechanical Damage: Do not allow the jewelry to fall or hit hard surfaces to prevent damage to jewelry.

5. Do Not Wear During Physical Activities: Remove jewelry before engaging in sports, physical work, or other activities to avoid damage.
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Customer Reviews

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Usova Liubov

Thank you so much for the wonderful set. These jewelry are so beautiful. ♥️